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Welcome to Frank G's Place! It is a pleasure to have you here. The vision for Frank G's Place was born out of my love for and commitment to Beaver County. I was born and raised here and educated at Geneva College. I have been employed and invested in Beaver County my entire life, except for the two years I served this great country of ours in the United States Army. I have always admired this specific location overlooking the Beaver River as it is just as beautiful as it is peaceful.
Frank G's Place was designed and fully renovated so our guests can share a special moment in time as they enjoy an exceptional meal. Our signature cocktails and comprehensive wine selections, along with great service and a reasonable price, complement your meal. Our Executive Chef has an extensive background and is committed to creating delicious and fresh meals to complete your dining experience.
The goal of our dedicated staff at Frank G's Place is to provide our guests with extraordinary service and attention to every detail. We will unequivocally uphold our strict standards of service to our patrons. YOU, as our guest, are the sole reason for our existence. It is our pleasure to serve you!
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Frank G's Place
500 Market Street, Bridgewater, PA 15009
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